Christopher Sikkenga

Christopher Sikkenga

Podcaster, Video Editor, Writer

Telling stories through film & video can be fascinating and exciting. I thought nothing would beat the feeling of finishing a video piece until I started writing. Stories are the key to empathy.

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Bitscooplive article

Explore the Internet of You With BitScoop Live

The power of BitScoop Live is in its simplicity. On the BitScoop Live site you connect the services you use, like Twitter & Instagram, and the information of both is instantly available for analysis.

Quividi article

You Live in the Minority Report Film Minus The Jet Packs – Awkward Human

The screens in my elevator & in public spaces have a small camera that tracks our eyes to note which ads on the screen have interested us. The cameras also estimate our age and gender.

Dlvr article

Poop With Friends in VR – Awkward Human

Virtual reality gives us the opportunity to experience new perspectives, to go to locations previously inaccessible, to walk in another person’s shoes or receive positive encouragement from the poop inside of you. That’s right, VR even makes pooping better.

Bumper article

Increase Focus and Productivity With Morning Pages – Awkward ...

This exercise of writing in the morning is a great way to start your day.

Ueuartboard 1 article

Unreal Vs Unity Comparison - Episcura Blog

Which game engine is right for you?

Spock 1024x650 article

Virtual Reality News Fatigue

VR is a media darling, but consumers aren't experiencing anything. Developers & bloggers seem to be the only people using VR.

Hh article

Canadian Startup vrCAVE Is Creating an Enterprise VR Platform

A story about a Canadian duo bring VR to consumers with a b2b business plan.

1460558846483 1024x576 article

Demo Reel Tips From Your Friends at episcura

4 tips about creating a great demo reel, including "don't listen to me" & do your thing.

Dts type 1024x682 article

Time Management with RescueTime

A review of the time management tool.

Bradford smith substance cliff face 01 1024x1104 article

Featured Artist Interview: Bradford Smith

Part of an ongoing series of interviews conducted by me, but mostly transcribed to retain authenticity & personality.

Silop article

MegaForce Review

MegaForce is a film from 1982.

Witchb3 article

Witching & Bitching Review

Mypops article

My Father: Genuine Love

A tribute to my dad who was the most genuine person I ever knew.

11472063946 59c2c35e6f b article

Just How White & Sexist is Hollywood?

13105532894 a007d4569d o article

Android Advice: Finding Your Device