Christopher Sikkenga

Christopher Sikkenga

Podcaster, Video Editor, Writer

Telling stories through film & video can be fascinating and exciting. I thought nothing would beat the feeling of finishing a video piece until I started writing. Stories are the key to empathy.

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Demo Reel Tips From Your Friends at episcura

4 tips about creating a great demo reel, including "don't listen to me" & do your thing.

Dts type 1024x682 article

Time Management with RescueTime

A review of the time management tool.

Quickmask article

Quick Tip: Photoshop Quick Mask Mode

A short tutorial piece on a tool in Adobe's Photoshop.

Bradford smith substance cliff face 01 1024x1104 article

Featured Artist Interview: Bradford Smith

Part of an ongoing series of interviews conducted by me, but mostly transcribed to retain authenticity & personality.

Promo instruments 13336 s 1024x581 article

Free Images for Blogging? Why not?

A piece wrote to promote the content/service provided by the client.

Silop article

MegaForce Review

MegaForce is a film from 1982.

Housebuilder lurtis e1462392032504 1024x576 article

HouseBuilder: Model Interiors & Exteriors in Minutes

Positive copy written for a new partner of the current site that employs me.

Witchb3 article

Witching & Bitching Review

Mypops article

My Father: Genuine Love

A tribute to my dad who was the most genuine person I ever knew.

11472063946 59c2c35e6f b article

Just How White & Sexist is Hollywood?

13105532894 a007d4569d o article

Android Advice: Finding Your Device

Gizmo article

Bad Milo: A guest review by Sikkdays